The Wakanda Collection


Zari is believed to be of African-American origin, adapted from African and Arabic names like Zahra and Zaria. The name spans meanings from "golden" to "beautiful." Zari is a ferocious print with animal like quality; colors of coral, purple, and tan complement one another in the most unexpected fashion.


Deja has French and Spanish origins and it means "already, remembrance." The print Deja is reminiscent of a nautical theme with hooks, loops, and knots but the color scheme of bright green, orange, and navy give it an Afrocentric edge.


Aaliyah is an Arabic female name derived from the masculine Aali meaning "sublime" as in awe-inspiring, exalted. The Hebrew variation, aliyah, means to ascend. The Aaliyah print is a unique ankara print as it is subtle yet eye-catching. The monochromatic pattern of black and white makes this print an instant classic.


Kimani (Kymani) is an East African name and is the name of one of the largest tribes in Kenya. Kimani boasts bold yellow and pink arranged in perfect geometry.