The Serengeti Collection

Rayo (Remix)

It's the remix!! This print is a beautiful and stunning play on one of our best sellers of all time, the original Rayo. The colors are brighter and fresher while staying true to the original style of the classic Rayo kente print. The dance of bold yellows and black make this print a must have and can be worn any time of year. The name Rayo is short for the Yoruba name Motunrayo meaning "I see joy again." 


The word Asha has East African origins and in the Swahili language translates roughly to the definition "to live". This stunning and delicate print is a peaceful yet vibrant reminder of its meaning. Deep sky blue entwined with tangerine orange are the hallmarks of this print. It gives us summer vibes that start in spring and dance around the sun all year long. Here's to more life and more living. 


The name Zane comes from the Swahili language and translates roughly to "well born; noble." The regal and royal purple of the Zane print command an audience while gently exuding grace and elegance. The playful additions of bright orange and deep black only add to its exquisite composition. This print is truly characteristic and deserving of its name.