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Introducing Season III

Inspired by the ancestors and the manifestation of their diaspora we've taken great care in selecting and naming each print in the Season 3 collection. Drawing from root languages and their offshoots like Yoruba, Swahili, and more, each name has been uniquely and deliberately attributed to its corresponding print. Every called name is special and tied to a history of tongues that have specific meaning and power in this world. We encourage you to explore the definitions and magic behind each name below.


The name "Folasade" comes from the Yoruba language and means "Honor earns a crown". This vibrant print is primarily composed of tangerine orange, maroon and a beautiful blue.


The name "Kamaria" derives from the Swahili language.  The word translates to "moonlight". The Kamaria series is a beautiful watercolor dance of variant hues of purples, pinks, blues, white and black. 


The name "Adekanmi" comes from the Yoruba language and translates to "I am entitled to the crown". Adekanmi is a bold yet playful array of colors and geometric shapes primarily including purple, orange, and turquoise.


The name "Unika" comes from the Lomwe language and translates to "to shine". The Unika Series is a beautiful and dark emerald green with distinctive symmetrical links of orange, white and black. 


The name "Funmilayo" derives from the Yoruba language, spoken in parts of west Africa, particularly Nigeria. The name means "Gift from God" and "God has brought me joy". The Funmilayo print is a strikingly perfect blend of dark and light blue hues with deliberate primary incorporations of orange and black against its cool backdrop. 


The name "Akintunde" comes from the Yoruba language and translates to "Return of bravery; warrior." We named this print because of its simple yet bold declaration of victory with its dark black backdrop and the graceful yellow gold that adorns the cloth in the form of symmetrical circles. 


The name "Mobolaji" derives from the Yoruba language. The name translates to "Born of Wealth". The Mobolaji series is so complex and unique in its design. Bright yellow, black, and white beautifully lay against a deep and dark purple backdrop in a beautiful arrangement that is stunning to the eye. The name is very special to us, and belongs to our direct ancestor and grandmother, whose personality and vibrance is embodied in the boldness and beauty of this stunning print. 


The name "Nailah" comes from the Arabic language and translates to "one who succeeds". The Nailah print is a peaceful blend of tangerine orange, turquoise green, and a beautiful tone of earth brown in a symmetrical dance of shape and color. 


The name "Aziza" comes from the Swahili language and translates to "precious; valuable." The Aziza print is undeniably retro and makes a bold yet beautiful declaration with the array of dark and light blue lines and circles intertwined with reds, oranges, and yellow. 


The name "Sharifa" derives from the Swahili language and the name translates to "distinguished". Sharifa is reminiscent of a colorful leopard print design composed of primarily striking blues, red, yellow, and greens splashed with black dots of varying sizes. The print is strikingly beautiful and bold as evident by its name.  


The name "Amaka" comes from the Igbo language and translates to "beautiful". Amaka is a cool blend of turquoise blue, electric yellow and black that come together to create an invigorating display of colors in one pattern.


The name "Ibijola" comes from the Yoruba language and means "to have this child is much more than wealth." The Ibijola print is an electric dance of two bold colors including dark purple and hot pink. The colors combine and complement each other to create a beautiful and bold dance of symmetry and unity. Named after our direct ancestor and dear grandmother, the Ibijola print encompasses the beauty of her name and her essence.


The name "Malawa" comes from the Yao language and translates to "blossoms flowering". This name perfectly describes this print as it is a beautiful floral like pattern of baby blue, tangerine orange, and reds and maroon.