Introducing Season II


The word “Aladura" means "praying people" in the Yoruba language. This print is characteristic of stained glass windows reflecting many colors from one light source. The hues of red, white, and blue scatter out in a beautiful kaleidoscope dream.


The name "Sanaa" comes from the Swahili language and means "work of art". This name was chosen because this print wears much like African artwork. The bold colors of orange and purple are so vibrant making it the perfect compliment to any shade.


The name "Atijọ" derives from the Yoruba language, spoken in parts of west Africa, particularly Nigeria. The word translates to "antique/old". The Atijọ series is reminiscent of an earlier decade and we wanted to bring back that old school vibe with a modern twist. Decorated with hues of pink, purple and rust against varying shades of a turquoise backdrop make this print one of a kind.


The name "Abasi" comes from the Swahili language and translates to stoic/stern. 


The name "Adaeze" comes from the Igbo language and translates to "the King's daughter." Fit for royalty and deserving of its name.