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Our Story

"Aṣọ Dára" originates from the Yoruba language and translates roughly to "good cloth".

Aṣọ Dára was started by a group of siblings who decided to put their talents and passions together to create a lifestyle brand that reflects the genius, precision, and diverse beauty of Pan-African ideals and culture. 

Born to Yoruba parents who immigrated from Nigeria to the United States, they grew up in a multicultural whirlpool of the African diaspora in America. They each matriculated through their education and careers with success, however after a few years, the siblings found themselves working comfortably but scattered around the world.

Being students of history they realized that they were in the midst of a large and beautiful story that placed them in the middle of a time when people in the African diaspora had been scattered and were re-meeting one another, sometimes unbeknownst. They quickly realized there was much to gain in a cultural reunion and exchange of information. Thus, inspired by history and catalyzed by the turbulent situation of the diaspora, the siblings aspired to reconnect with one another to contribute to building something great together. From this reconnection and collaboration came Aṣọ Dára.

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Motivating Mission

human family tree rooted in Africa

The reconnection of these siblings is a fractal contribution to the larger scale reconnection of Africans and ultimately all of Africa’s children across the world, moving our consciousness to world sibling-hood. It is their shared belief that coming together to contribute, collaborate and care for one another will be to the world’s benefit.

The siblings recognize and appreciate the ancestors preceding them and the ultimate ancestor of Divine Spirit that motivates and empowers us with the principles of harmony. As any parent loves to see their children in harmony with one another, all children of the Divine Spirit have been given tools to recognize and practice such harmony. These divine principles that have been passed down through proverbs and manifested in traditions such as Kwanzaa’s Ujima, and the Yoruba’s Owe.

Aṣọ Dára bears responsibility in continuing to connect the dots to show the unmistakable parallels between the style and grace of their sisters in Atlanta to that of their sisters in Eko. To show the parallel between the hustle of entrepreneurs in Detroit and the meticulous daily grind of people in Johannesburg. In bridging the gap, they contribute to the movement of self-love and self-determination as all strive towards becoming the best version of themselves.

In Aṣọ Dára know that you are part of a collective consciousness to push the culture forward in spreading love and community.

“Know Our Connections” (Sponsorship Program)


To move past the realm of lofty ambitions and into reality, Aṣọ Dára decided to create a sponsorship program that will assist in reconnecting the children of the diaspora.

Every season Aṣọ Dára will sponsor an ancestry test for one or more children of the diaspora to trace their roots back to Africa. Click here to apply.