The #AsodaraXwedding series has arrived!! This carefully curated collection was created with love and for love and for all things wedding! The items in this collection are exclusive to this series and are all limited edition. We are so blessed and happy to be able to share this collection with our Aṣọ Dára family and we sincerely hope that you love it as much as we do!

The name 'Eriadurami' is the Yoruba word for "testimony of my prayer." The print is an homage to the beauty and power of answered prayer and the celebration that it is. The print is an electric dance of turquoise, light and deep blue, and white which plays out in an oceanic pattern of pure joy and excitement!

The name 'Oluwatobi' is the Yoruba word for "God is great." The print is a beautiful geometric maze of green, yellow, and black that plays out in lines and dots making it a bold but subtle pattern that shouts in celebration!