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Mental Health and Wellness

At Aṣọ Dára, one of our core principles is caring for one another! In that principle, we recognize that caring truly means sharing knowledge and promoting wellness. Being mentally healthy can put you in positions to help yourself and others, as well as just to help maintain your inner peace in a chaotic world. We wanted to share some quick tips on how you can promote and maintain your own mental health:

-Meditation and prayer

-Taking a day off from your daily routine.

 -Spending time with those you love. 

-Volunteering for a cause you're passionate about. 

-Exercise whether it's running, walking or barre. Any physical activity is good for you. 

-Having a strong support system

-Dedicate time to hobbies of interest.

What are some steps that you like to take to protect and promote your own mental health? 

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