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5 Books We Cannot Put Down

1. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Americanah is the narrative of a Nigerian-born Igbo transplant in America. Ifemulu tells her story of adjusting to American lifestyle in university by highlighting and embracing the differences of the motherland and the "land of opportunity". The book tackles serious issues: death, love, fear, depression, suicide, and infidelity; yet Adichie broaches them effortlessly with a realistic and delightfully humorous approach. Although the book boasts a hefty 496 pages, you do not want to miss what happens with each of the instrumental and dynamic characters.  2. The Mothers by Brit Bennet. The Mothers tells the story of a small, tight-knit community harboring a number of big secrets. This book captures the reader instantly with precise and evocative language: "All good secrets have a taste before...

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Best American Cities to Visit this Summer!

Summer is coming! So, this means rooftops, pools, swimsuits, and above all else, vacations! With the endless places to travel in the world its hard to narrow down destinations. Aṣọ Dára has compiled a list of the some of the coolest American cities to visit this summer! Some may surprise you! 1. Austin, TX A hipster hub made famous by the annual SXSW festival. One word: food! Austin, TX is known for it's tasty BBQ (Franklin BBQ) and larger than life portions. Texas stays nice and toasty during the summer so pool time is more than likely. 2. New Orleans, LA Known for its rich and colorful culture, NOLA is exploding with sights and sounds that you have to experience. Essence Fest with...

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Mental Health and Wellness

At Aṣọ Dára, one of our core principles is caring for one another! In that principle, we recognize that caring truly means sharing knowledge and promoting wellness. Being mentally healthy can put you in positions to help yourself and others, as well as just to help maintain your inner peace in a chaotic world. We wanted to share some quick tips on how you can promote and maintain your own mental health: -Meditation and prayer.  -Taking a day off from your daily routine.  -Spending time with those you love.  -Volunteering for a cause you're passionate about.  -Exercise whether it's running, walking or barre. Any physical activity is good for you.  -Having a strong support system.  -Dedicate time to hobbies of interest. What...

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What's Your Next African Destination?

Have you visited the African continent before and what did you love about it? If you could choose one country or city in Africa to travel to tomorrow, which one would it be? According to TripAdvisor, the following cities and countries are the Top Ten African Destinations: 1) Marrakech, Morocco 2) Cape Town Central, South Africa 3) Fes, Morocco 4) Knysna, South Africa 5) Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 6) Zanzibar City, Tanzania  7) Diani Beach, Kenya  8) Grand-Baie, Mauritius 9) Nairobi, Kenya 10) Arusha, Tanzania Let us know your travel experiences to Africa from other continents or if you live there, your favorite spots to vacation there!

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